Sunday, August 1, 2010

Some Firsts

Not much in the way of farming was done, but we spent our first night at the land. It was a nice temperature & although wet, once we strapped a tarp to the top of our shelter structure, we stayed really dry. I think we'd all prefer cool & damp to hot & damp...
Our first camp fire:
Our first hammock: (actually our second, but the first was only suitable for little people).
Our first morning in the camper: (we all slept comfortably. There were several 'noises' that woke us up, mainly the pouring rain--sort of like sleeping under a tin roof).
Our first outhouse hole: (we worked on this a lot a few weeks back with family in the extreme heat. Drew finished up & got us down 1.5 more feet so we're good to go...well, first we'll build the house part ;) ) First pic, what Drew wants us to believe he dug. Second--what he actually did.
We had a hike back to the farthest we've all been on the property. It's a long narrow piece so only a few of the men folk have seen the back property line. This is Leviah snacking on an apple while enjoying a lift in the Mei Tai.
We explored & found some neat things along the way.
Naomi is becoming a regular woodsgirl. She found this neat fungi:
& several different types of mosses, 
and evidence that we're not the only ones around...
It was a really fun night. As the autumn comes and the weather remains at tolerable temperatures i'm certain we'll be out there more and more. Of course, if you're interested in coming to visit we'd love to have company. (be aware, we will put you to work). & we are picking a date for a 'weekend' type of event, so anticipate that!

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