Thursday, August 12, 2010

A table, a sunset & slowing down.

I blame the heat. Well, that and funds...we have a lot of projects planned, but needed to take a break on spending all our extra earnings on farm-related items. Like breathing, we're exhaling right now.

But, this offers us an opportunity to truly appreciate the free-er side of farming. Like, magnificent sunsets across the open field.
And beautiful tables made by talented friends/contributors who are really good at building things with your suggestions in mind...
Have something you want to contribute/help with? well...we've picked some dates to have anyone who's interested come & join in the fun. Come Saturday evening, the 25th for some camping, or just come on Sunday the 26th for some 'farm' playing around. Contact us if you're interested!

SORRY: September is the month. So, Sept 25th & 26th.


mv said...

25th and 16th of September I'm assuming??? Come on now spell it out for your loyal blog readers, blogeaders, bleaders, and finally...blers.

mv said...

I meant 25th and 26th...dang that just ruined the punchline. And BTW why do that call it a word verification when it's not really a word...troubling.