Sunday, January 17, 2010

the era of infinite possibility is putting us on edge

After some sobering info from a realtor we're weighing our options, which are few. If we don't sell we don't move. If we don't list we don't sell. If we list with a realtor there goes a big chunk of our down payment. If we list on our own we may be bombarded with paperwork & unforseen things--namely not selling. Should we stay or should we go? sorry, just feeling a lyric would be nice.

No, we're going. we ARE going. we arrrrrre going.

We're looking for some answers to things like: how much does getting electric to the middle of nowhere cost? water? dare i ask; internet? Plus, getting a spot cleared & ready for a home built, cleared & ready for livestock...more pressing--a means of accessing the property.

After several days of serious contemplation, some of the jury members are still out. Pluses include:

  • being part of an actual revitalization of our environment--turning something so depressing into a homestead where 'integrity' farming takes place.

  • having no reason to worry about someone peeking through the windows while they walk down the street.

  • the (imagined) landscape of our dreams.

  • the opportunity to use our own vision to transform it...

  • enough land that anyone could visit, stay, park a camper & build an outhouse (& earn their keep).


  • no road frontage & barely a dirt road worth mentioning as the only entrance.

  • the mess that is 6 years of undergrowth

  • the cost & time involved in not finding something more accessible & prepped for our 'vision'.

Anything we're missing? it appears the pluses are winning. We shall hunker down & pray.


Emma said...

go go go! This is also a dream of mine, to have a little bit of land where I can grow things and raise animals. Good luck and Mother Earth's blessings on your journey.

Elizabeth said...

Hey there. I wanted to make sure I gave both blogs some comment love today! Wow, I know you talked about the goat farm thing in the past, but I'm very proud of you for taking the next step to make it happen. You know I grew up in a rural-urban area. My parents didn't get high speed internet until AFTER I graduated from college. Before Apex blew up with consumerism, it was a long ways to the grocery store if you forgot *one*little*ingredient for a recipe. But I have to say it was the best way to grow up!! And we did have sheep, chickens, and goats for a while. I hope you make your dream work!

Gremlina said...

thanks for the encouragement ladies! Perhaps it's the time of year...but we're losing momentum. but, progress will be getting the house listed by the end of the week.