Sunday, January 17, 2010

sunday drive

on the weekends--when it's nice--we go for rides in the country side. We usually find the prettiest parcels of land with the oldest most decrepit houses & pretend we have infinite resources to make it the place of our dreams, groan about the travesty of a place like this decaying before our eyes, and fantasize.

Of course we did it all again this past weekend, & will probably use more actual week-day hours to do so for the next little while. What did we see? Rolling hills, old fence posts, ancient trees with a lonely grimace spreading their branches with a boast toward the tree-line, 'look at all this room'. Like Anne Shirley reaching to the heavens in a prayer to God.

so, obviously this is not Drew...his fondness of all things avonlea is lacking, for sure.

so. just a post to say, the search is on. that parcel is out there. tomorrow morning we'll see another. It's hard not to have a vision for each--to get swept away by the eccentricities every new corner of this planet has to offer...creativity at it's absolute.

oh, and a real estate expert will be coming by this home tomorrow for a peek & some ideas on spic-n-spanning it.

included: Before picture. After to be stayed-tuned for. wait...


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