Sunday, January 17, 2010

pebbles turning

Just a quick update. We've talked to a few lenders/magic workers & we're still waiting to hear the word on if we'll qualify for a loan. As it stands we have some bank-men who can't get off the phone quick enough & others who graduated just down the road from Drew with some of his best youth-hood friends! Small mundo.

So. drum roll...we wait.

Sometimes one thinks (when I say one, I mean "I", certainly not Drew) what we really want, within reason, is what the Lord wants for us? I'm not talking cocoa fudge, not just regular fudge on my dairy queen sundae; I'm talking "with the greater good in mind" wants. Yes? 

Oh--and because no progress should go unmentioned: we're officially registered for an upcoming Round House builder's Seminar at the end of Jan. Added (& probably the clincher on our attendance) benefit--it's in Asheville. ;)

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