Thursday, June 24, 2010

Liquid Gold

Well our first honey harvest for the season is in. So far we have honey from one hive but there are hopes of more we will just have to see how to bees do this summer. Its going quick so if you want to order some let us know.

The honey is in each of these "rows" each one is called a frame, the entire box of ten frames is called a super.

This is what the honey frames look like when you take them out. The white covering over the honey cells is called cappings. We cut that off so we can get the honey to come out.

See the honey with the cappings off of it?

Naomi teaching Leviah just what to do. It didn't take her long to get it once she tasted it.
Some cappings cut off, we just use a bread knife to cut them off, some day we will get a nice heated knife to do it.

Now we put two frames in the extractor and spin them for a few minutes per side. this makes the honey shoot out onto the sides and then we let it out a spout at the bottom. the best part is the spinning makes a breeze of honey air.

Here is the final harvest.


naqahdahnellie said...

That looks fabulous!! What do you term your honey? Any particular kind? (clover, sourwood, wildflower, etc). I think I will probably want to order some if you end up with extra!

Gremlina said...

wildflower--def. (that's the market term for 'mixed bag' honey ;) )
&, we have a few extra pints & bears. Hopefully we'll get a late summer harvest, but most of what we got yesterday was already spoken for! I'm biased, but apparently others like it as well...

Pam said...

I would love to get some anytime you have some. I am so excited I found your blog!!!!!!

Just let me know when, where and how much.

Pam (Doula Mama)

cabin + cub said...

mmmm.... yummy! i loooove honey! :)