Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not so still in the night.

The bees have officially found a spot on the land. The mighty stand assembled last Sunday has been put to good use. Last night Lane & Drew, after dark (in hopes of keeping all the field bees who would be snug in bed for the night), toted all seven of their combined hives to their new & hopefully permanent & comfortable home. Apparently, however, they were not docile. In fact, they were quite riled up & stung Drew & Lane numerous times through their bee suits! So, if you were wondering when bees sleep--they don't. Apparently they stay buzz-y into the wee hours! ;)

Since Drew didn't get to see them in the dark & because the first part of our 'drive way' was installed this morning & because we needed milk from a conveniently located dairy, we took a drive out. We forgot the camera so all we have to document are these not so great shots from what appears to be the worst cell-phone camera ever. Major thumbs down on that one Droid...

But, both the driveway & the bees really help pull things together, like a physical signature on the property--we're there to stay!

We keep discovering great things, plant life, etc. One of which is a plethora of blackberries. One variety is ripening right now & we've enjoyed munching on them when we take a second to find them. This weekend should prove a fruitful harvest, should you want a bowl for yourselves. (earlier=better as the heat is imminent for the weekend).


bandit403 said...

My ankles and neck still hurt. can't wait to see if they like their new home. Yesterday I went to look were the hives were and there were a few left be hide bees. I could tell there were some from each hive because they would circle were their hive was. Last night I took another peek and found they had all huddled together on an unused feeder. It made me fill a little sad for them. Maybe if they are still there on Sunday I'll take them over.

April said...

I think it's super-cool that you have bees ♥ I love bees... and I consume too much honey to admit.