Sunday, June 13, 2010

A real Pole "barn"

This morning we started what will be our first structure on the property. We spent many hours a few weeks back harvesting cedar logs off the property. Today we put them to use. We are making a true pole structure, it is going to be 16x10. We wanted to go for 20x10 but it is really hard to find a tree that is 20' and also manageable. Plus 16' fits better if we need to use dimensional lumber, 8' sections are the cheapest dimension. So here it is in pictures the way that I like to see things.

Three post in back will the high side, at 8.5'

Diggin the holes, is not so bad in the nice sandy soil, every time i go to dig a hole i thank the good L-rd for the soil not being the same as the red clay in my backyard. we will see how it is for growing stuff later.
this picture is just to funny, notice the giant log going in, in the background. and the cutie with a shoe that has come undone
all six in the ground, ange with a machette...

chain saw on a ladder...

back beam up, not sure what you call that in this kind of construction...header???

cutting grooves for front beams
Front beam going up, the log had a small bend in it, but we fixed that.
look at the smile on that guy...good times

Took us from 9 until about 12:00 or so to get that done. at that point it was around 95 and time to retreat for the day.

Any ideas for roofs? We are thinking about going with the traditional tin roof, i would eventually like to make a wood shingle roof but that will have to be some time when i have a lot of time.


create in two and a half hours said...

I love your farm. This is the first time I have read this blog. I usually read Turtles.
Your friend, Camille

Anonymous said...

I would have titled this post: 'a Sunday erection'. ;)

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Plain and Joyful Living said...

Thank you for sharing this.. we need to build something like this on our homestead and I can't wait to show my husband.

Sidonie said...

We had lots of cedar logs that we had harvested from our previous smallholding before moving to our raw 50 acres that we have built our home on. We did the same thing you are doing with your poles. We have a barn with a front and rear opening, all made from the cedar poles. Recycled tin roofing went on top and one side is home to sheep, with the other smaller side for the goats. We also built our home all by our own hand. We can surely tell anyone about the list of things we would do differently if we had a do over. Best of luck with your endeavor...feel free to contact us if you just want to pick our can find the link to our place in my signature line on the Earthschooling yahoo group posts. I am Sidonie Burton at Dreamspinnerstudio...and the link in the signature line is for Ancient Artisans Village...


Roof Leaks said...

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