Thursday, July 15, 2010

Canning Fresh Corn

Breaking down the costs:
3 dozen ears of (organic) local corn: $15 
14 (reusable) Canning Jars: $11.65
Total: Approx $1.90/pint
Savings: waste, trips to store, freezer space, peace of mind. & ultimately I wouldn't count the jars as they will be used again, so minus cost of jars: $1.07/pint for local, organic, non-gmo, canned corn. 
We have another dozen & are thinking about doing some creamed corn--ideas?

Breaking down the methods:
(approx 2 hours 'til ready)
1. Cut corn off cob.
2. Spoon corn into jars leaving 1" head room.
3. Add boiling water & salt (optional)* maintaining 1" head room.
4. Wipe Rim of Jar & add canning lid & loosely apply ring.
5. Place Jars in Pressure Cooker (& follow your canner's directions carefully!)
6. Cool & Stow.

**we've read that non-canning salt can turn your canned goods clowdy, however we've not seen this with sea salt. Perhaps the issue is with iodized table salt, so avoid that to preserve color.


Anonymous said...

You should check out Big Lots for canning jars - $7.00 for Doz. Pints and $7.50 for Doz. Quarts
Good deal when you have to buy new.

Lynn said...

Your corn looks wonderful! Great job.