Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Tick Solution

Development number 2: Guineas.
not a guinea. a newborn calf we saw at the guinea farm.
A week or so ago we ordered a dozen guineas and planned to pick them up at 6 weeks old. That day came on Friday, & we were a little unready. The men (drew & lane) finished a rustic coop for them on Thursday evening & Drew & I carted it out, and 'fenced' it Friday before we drove an hour to pick them up. It was silliness really. While the chicken wire around the outside was a temporary thing (as we want them to be free-range), it was more temporary than we expected and by Saturday evening all but 4 of the guineas had escaped.

guineas are faster than chickens. & some cats let you pick them up (not ours).
what's making that noise?
By Sunday we feared we'd never see them again.
Fortunately, they are coming back. There has been a sighting or two but not of the whole flock, so we're not sure how many are left. We backed the coop up to the wood line & they run for cover back there whenever we approach. They have water, food & the comfort of a coop to return to, hopefully they'll continue to do just that...
What did we learn? Secure your chicken wire. Plan ahead (i.e. have the housing ready before the livestock is on its' way). Secure your chicken wire. Secure your chicken wire.


Anonymous said...

Did you not secure your chicken wire? Did you also bring home that calf?

Gremlina said...

we did not bring home the calf. we did not secure the chicken wire.

cabin + cub said...

They are pretty cute! They just passed a law here that people can raise chickens in the city (Vancouver)... we live in an apartment though, so will have to hold off until we have a yard. ;)