Sunday, July 11, 2010

Garlic and Archery

We spent a few hours at the land this morning. What was accomplished:
Another timber was cut down for the finishing beams on our 'shelter'.
We made some adjustments to our tree swing, it's less of a 3 person size & more individual now...still a little wonky in it's swing style--to think we thought the tree swing would be a simple project!
We attempted to till some of the field to plant some cover crops--not much success on that front. We're going to need a bigger tiller.
We're pretty certain the guineas have relocated permanently. Not sure where to, but we prefer the relocation idea to other possibilities...
We target shot a few arrows (thanks to a family of boys we know)
Meanwhile, back at our urban homestead, we have harvested a large amount of Garlic. We have several braids, each with about 6 heads, of fresh & DELICIOUS garlic. If you're interested in purchasing a braid we'll meet you at the Wed. curb market in Downtown Greensboro, or elsewhere. $5/braid. (dirt included ;) )
found this great blog when 'studying up' on garlic braiding.

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Lynn said...

We've been growing garlic this year, too, and I think it's probably ready to harvest. I want to try making my own garlic powder this year -- I read about it on someone's blog. Now I just have to find the paper I printed it out on a couple months ago ;) Your garlic looks great, and at $5 a braid, what a good price. Hope you have lots of success selling it.